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Oliver Payne
Safe Crackers zine

Ongoing zine series by artist Oliver Payne, sometimes featuring guest editors! Each issue focuses on a specific theme that is personal and dear to the editor.
Safe Crackers #1: The Wire
Comes with silkscreened Sheeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! poster (pictured above).
Safe Crackers #2: Hot Chip
Comes in a school folder containing candid loose-leaf photos of the band, stapled interviews and written pieces by friends of the band, drawing by Brian Degraw of Gang Gang Dance, a business card, and a CD-R featuring an exclusive track made by the band for this zine.
Safe Crackers #3: Wolfboy
Contains stories by London's Matthias Connor, aka Wolfboy.

Safe Crackers #5: Growing
Interviews and content by and about the NY band Growing.


Safe Crackers #6: Comme des Garcons
Guest-edited by Nick Relph, explores his fandom of Rei Kawakubo.
Safe Crackers #6: Black Lodge
Guest-edited by Black Lodge!

Safe Crackers #7: Arcade Game Tokens
Issue seven of Safe Crackers fanzine, dedicated to the truly fascinating world of arcade game tokens! The images in this issue are based on a 1981 guidebook for arcade operators, detailing how and why they should make the switch from quarters to tokens (a fairly new concept at the time). This catalogues stock and custom tokens from arcades all across America. It’s a sort of celebration of a new currency for fun.