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Joe Scanlan

This book is published by Imschoot Uitgevers, Ghent, Belgium. DIY is the 65th artist's book to be published by Imschoot, an ongoing series that includes titles by John Baldessari, Robert Barry, Dan Graham and Hirsch Perlman.

DIY presents—in extremely dry and methodical detail—a plan for how to go into any IKEA store in the world and buy materials with which to build your own coffin. As is the case with all Do-It-Yourself projects, some basic skills and tools are required. Essentially, then, DIY is a shopping guide, a manifesto for how to get what you want from the world of commerce rather than accepting what it wants you to have, an epic tale about the transformation of mundane merchandise into a transcendental escape vehicle.

DIY also features a guest appearance by AnnLee, a Japanese manga character owned and operated by French artist Pierre Huyghe. Published in English, Swedish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic.

Designed by Miko McGinty
Edited by Kurt Vanbelleghem
112 pages, perfect bound, with 3 color and 92 b&w illustrations
21 x 15 cm