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Wolfgang Tillmans
Self-Titled Artist's Book

A much-needed reprint of London photographer Wolfgang Tillmans' first book—originally published in 1995 and long out of print—this atmospheric, rhythmic compilation of black-and-white images combines portraits of youth culture, landscapes, city scenes, slogans, clippings from newspapers and book illustrations, neatly demonstrating the development of Tillmans' savvy, genre-crossing style, which lends itself so well to book form. Perennially influential to younger artists, Tillmans has become known for his salon-style exhibitions where images of different sizes and subjects are pinned to the wall in loosely connected constellations that have contributed greatly to how we read and view photographs. In a 2005 interview with artist Isa Genzken, Tillmans said of his approach, "I think it's much more radical to see and show things as they look instead of making them somehow subversive through alienation or estrangement." Tillmans is the first German-born artist, as well as the first photographer, to be awarded Britain's esteemed Turner Prize.
Published in Switzerland.
Hardcover, 80 pages, 218 x 305 mm, b&w, 2008.


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