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Greg Allen, ed.
Canal Zone Richard Prince YES RASTA

The full title pretty much says it all: Canal Zone Richard Prince Yes Rasta: Selected Court Documents from Cariou v. Prince et al, including The Videotaped Deposition of Richard Prince, the Affidavit of Richard Prince, Competing Memoranda of Law in Support of Summary Judgment, Exhibits pertaining to Paintings and Collages of Richard Prince and The Use of Reproductions of Patrick Cariou's YES RASTA Photographs Therein, And The Summary Ass Whooping Prince Received at the Hand of The Hon. Judge Deborah A. Batts, as compiled and revised by Greg Allen for greg.org: the making of in April 2011

The 375 pages of Richard Prince's deposition released as part of the litigation of Patrick Cariou's copyright infringement case constitute the longest, most exhaustive interview Prince has ever given. In it, he discusses not only his work, his inspiration, and his practice, but also his history and biography, topics about which he had carefully cultivated an air of ambiguity.
Couple this testimony with his affidavit; reproductions of his entire series of Canal Zone paintings; and his lawyer's detailed argument defending their copyright status, with Patrick Cariou's own exhaustive, illustrated assertions of unlawful theft; and you basically have the entire, firsthand story of the art world's most controversial copyright battle.


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