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Nobuyoshi Araki
Ararchy Photobook Mania

During his lifetime as a photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki has remarkably produced more than 400 photography books. This oeuvre, unmatched anywhere in the world, is a manifestation of Araki’s belief that the photography book is the very core of a photographer’s activity. Araki also says, “I called myself Ararchy because I wanted anarchy,” and he has remained in the spotlight since his early years through a steady stream of attention-grabbing projects, especially his provocative nude photography. While publishing this massive body of work without interruption, he stepped out from behind the camera and exposed himself to the media in an unprecedented manner, establishing and cementing his place not as a cameraman or artist but as a “photographer (Shashinka)."
This is the publication accompanying the show of the same name at IZU Photo Museum.


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