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Osa Atoe
Shotgun Seamstress Zine Collection

Mend My Dress Press
released this new anthology of Atoe's zine Shotgun Seamstress. It contains replicas of all 6 of the zines in the series. About Shotgun Seamstress:

"Shotgun Seamstress exists for those that realize that punk rock is an idea and a possibility that must be forced open in order to fit everybody that needs it inside. Shotgun Seamstress is for those that understand the necessity of making a refracted reality available to the kids, especially in an era where it seems possible to unearth everything, where there lies no mystery, a barrage of images and icons displayed on computer screens for five seconds until the next thing appears…This is something to hold onto and reread over and over. A six zine blast that manages to blow apart the apathy and restore faith in the idea of punk rock as a strategy for resistance! Creating a separate currency for those that are not interested in replicating boring ideals in underground existences, Shotgun Seamstress is like the best mix tape anyone has ever made, where radical politics are never sidelined for an easier ride, where good times are never in doubt and where subsumed experiences are revealed as real… The Gories and Void, Nasty Facts and X-Ray Spex, Brontez, Vaginal Davis, punk rock. It’s an endless adventure and this is another way in." - Layla Gibbons of Maximum Rocknroll

7"x10" trade paperback, B&W, 233 pages.