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Dexter Sinister
Bulletins of the Serving Library #3
BULLETINS OF THE SERVING LIBRARY continues the trajectory begun by DOT DOT DOT, our previous house journal which ran for 10 years and 20 issues. Both past issues of DDD and future issues of Bulletins are all available through Dexter Sinister's Internet Book Shop.

This issue doubles as a catalog-of-sorts to Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language, a group exhibition curated by Laura Hoptman at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, from May 6 to August 27, 2012. It is a *pseudo*-catalog in the sense that, other than a section of images at the back, it bears no direct relation to the works in the exhibition. Instead, the bulletins extend in different directions from the same title, and could be collectively summarized as preoccupied with the more social aspects of Typography. In this way we hope to throw some *glancing* light on the exhibition. For further explication, see the trailer for for the publication, as displayed in the show itself; and a Q&A with MoMA curatorial assistant Eleonore Hugendubel about the whole process.

Bulletins this time around come from Andrew Blum, Bruno Latour, Graham Meyer, Pierre-André Boutang, David Reinfurt, Chris Evans, Jessica Winter, Ian Svenonius, Angie Keefer, Francis McKee, Benjamin Tiven, Louis Lüthi, Dexter Sinister, and Laura Hoptman.


Dexter Sinister
Bulletins of the Serving Library #2

BULLETINS OF THE SERVING LIBRARY #2 continues the trajectory begun by DOT DOT DOT, Dexter Sinister's previous house journal which ran for 10 years and 20 issues.

This issue grew out of two physical incarnations of The Serving Library in 2011. The first took place from July 4–August 10 in the Walter Phillips Gallery of the Visual Arts department at The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada. Here we set up a model of the library’s projected interior to house a six-week summer school titled From the Toolbox of a Serving Library. The school comprised daily morning seminars, supplemented by a few evening events. Each week was based on a specific component from a (Photoshop-proxy) digital software toolbox, in order to reconsider what a contemporary (Bauhaus-proxy) Foundation Course might most usefully comprise. The second opened on October 29 and at the time of writing remains installed at Artists Space, New York. Here the same model serves more as a mini-expo in view of an eventual fixed home, alongside a parallel three-screen projection concerned with "Identity."

Bulletins in this set come from Dimmi Davidoff, Julius Koller, David Fischli & Peter Weiss, Rob Giampietro, Anthony Huberman, Junior Aspirin Records, Perri MacKenzie, David Senior and Jan Verwoert.


Dexter Sinister
Bulletins of the Serving Library #1

Bulletins of the Serving Library #1 continues the trajectory begun by Dot Dot Dot, Dexter Sinister's previous house journal, which ran for 10 years and 20 issues.

The “bulletins” that make up each issue will be first published online as PDFs at www.servinglibrary.org over a six-month period, then assembled, printed and distributed separately in Europe (by Sternberg Press with Motto Distribution) and in the U.S.A. (by Dexter Sinister). Each collection will constitute a semester's worth of loosely-themed material. For this PILOT issue, they’ve posted PDFs, bound and printed the publication over the first six months of 2011 in advance of launching. From now on, bulletins will be posted to their website as they are ready.

It begins with a plea to remember dead media by Bruce Sterling; an 8-part examination of the Octopus Vulgaris as a metaphor for post-symbolic communication (whatever that might mean) by Angie Keefer; a zero-sum conversation about Libraries and Recording by David Reinfurt & Rob Giampietro; and separate notes on the Type and the Time by Dexter Sinister.

The Serving Library’s broader intentions can be found at the back in the smallprint.