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Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane
Folk Archive: Contemporary Popular Art from the UK
“If Pop Art is about liking things, as Andy Warhol said, then folk art is about loving things” —Jeremy Deller
This book explores the vast range of energetic and engaging local creativity taking place outside of the "art world" in present day Britain. In an attempt to document contemporary examples of popular and "folk art," UK artist Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane present a personal selection of objects and actions from vernacular culture, all made by people who wouldn't consider themselves artists. What results is a expansive classification of photographs, ranging from Bastille Day re-enactments and street carnival sound systems as "performance art," to sandcastles and finger-drawings on dirty cars as "ephemeral art."
Softcover, full-color, 190 x 255 mm, 156 pages, 2005.


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