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F.R. David: "...For Single Mothers" Issue 10
Spring 2013
The tenth issue of F.R.DAVID is "…for single mothers." It presents a heterosexual man who takes the liberty to representing some universal views of humanity, typically expressed by women and homosexuals.
"If the critical suggestion I am making in this book is that people tell their stories (which they do not know or cannot speak) through others’ stories, then the very force of insight of this critical suggestion was at once born out and actively enacted, put in motion, by the process of my writing, which was driven, in effect, by the ways in which I was precisely missing my own implication in the texts before me."- Shoshana Felman, "What Does A Woman Want?"


F.R. David: "This is Not New, of Course" Issue 9
Spring 2012
"This is not new, of course", the ninth issue of F.R.DAVID, finds 'poetry' – the word and the product – NOT sacred, IS mutable, and SHOULD be replaced with "politics", "art", "baking", "film" and "cabinet-making" as one possible means to record life.
Edited by Will Holder, with contributions by Stan Brakhage, Adam Chodzko, Cid Corman, Maya Deren, Robert Duncan, Anja Kirschner / David Panos, Hilary Koob Sassen, Jackson Mac Low, Chris Mann, Charles Olson, Marjorie Perloff, C.H. Sisson, H.G. Widdowson and more.

FR David: "Spin Cycle" Issue 8
Summer 2011

The eighth issue of F.R.DAVID, "Spin-cycle", is preoccupied with commentary: quite simply assuming that any form of production is commentary – the addition / subtraction of value – in one form or other. Contributions from Cory Arcangel, G.K.Chesterton, Serge Daney, Susan Howe, Edward Johnston, Janice Kerbel, John Miller, Alice Notley, Francis Ponge, Ezra Pound, J.H.Prynne, Cally Spooner, Keston Sutherland, Ian White, Mas’ud Zavarzadeh and more. Includes a 16-page colour contribution in by Franz Erhard Walter.
Softcover, 208 pages, b&w with color cover and 16-pg. color insert, 12 x 19 cm, 2011.

FR David: With Love issue 7
Summer 2010
The seventh issue of F.R. David considers the compression of letter-writing as cybernetic translation — vs. redundant delivery of intention — from one form to another, 'With Love,"
Softcover, 176 pgs, b&w with color cover, 12 x 19 cm, 2010.

FR David: The Iditorial Issue 6
Winter 2009

“The bizarre order in which the seven days of the week appear in the current issue of F.R.DAVID is modelled after the sequence of Karl Heinz Stockhausen’s opera cycle 'Licht', starting with “Donnerstag am Licht” (work on which began in 1977) and ending with “Sonntag am Licht”, the part with which the composer finally concluded the series in 2003. In Stockhausen’s cycle, the subject matter of each opera mirrors (however opaquely at times) the traditional mythological attributes ascribed to the various days of the week—not a concern that exerted any influence on F.R.DAVID’s appropriation of this structure, which is no more than a homage in passing. Each editorial was conceived and written, however, within the space of a day, with various elements recurring, echo-like, throughout the week that was. So far, 'Licht' has never been staged in its entirety, and it is not known whether Stockhausen ever meant it to be.”

F.R. David: The "Keep it to Yourself" Issue 5
Spring 2009

With works by Agency, Jesse Ash, Pierre Bal-Blanc, Pierre Bismuth & Claire Fontaine, Italo Calvino, Donald L. Cleland, Dexter Sinister, Kodwo Eshun, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Hadley & Maxwell, Christine Kenneally, Kaisa Lassinaro, Maurice Merleau-Ponty and others.
F.R. DAVID's fifth issue, "Keep it to Yourself" knows the value of nothing but not the prices of things. It focuses on the 'status' of writing in contemporary art pratice. Writing as a mode that informs and feeds, supports and describes, backs up and interprets, comments and reflects upon contemporary artistic production. Writing as 'the core material' of a number of artists but equally as a mode that exists parallel to or in service of the visual.
Softcover, 2009.

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F.R. David: "The Book of Intentions" Issue 4
Summer 2008

With works by Ricardo Cuevas, Charles Dickens, Noa Giniger, Július Koller, Cildo Meireles, Seth Price, The Faculty of Invisibility, Richard Zenith and writing of a number of other historical and contemporary authors.
For the fourth issue of this journal, the de Appel Curatorial Programme 07/08 hijacked the journal to encapsulate their intentions (shared, stolen or otherwise discovered), and published this on the occasion of their final project, "Master Humphrey's Clock": a project that explores intersections between storytelling and circulation through a series of art exhibitions, publications and events.
Softcover, 12cm x 19cm, b&w, 2008.


F.R. David: "A is for 'Orses" Issue 3
Autumn 2008

With contributions by Ackroyd, Andrade Tudela, Deball, de Cointet, Wiltold Gombrowicz, Yoko Ono, Roland Barthes, Ryan Gander, Cornelia Parker and Robert Indiana, and many others, F.R. David continues to explore the boundaries of writing in contemporary art practice. This issue insists on creating "in the mind of the reader, life which is not, and which is non-representational." The issue had its inception within a notion of idiolects and personal vocabularies, and later went on to encompass notions of the subjective editorial process of speech, abstractions of speech, and logic and mathematics as means of subjective categorisation.
Softcover, 216 pgs, 12cm x 19cm, b&w, 2008.

F.R. David: The "Stuff and Nonsense" Issue 2
Winter 2008

Published twice-yearly, F.R. David magazine focuses on the status of language in contemporary art practice. With works by Matias Faldbakken, Margriet Schavemaker, Adam Avikainen, Adam Pendleton, Sue Tompkins, Paul Sietsema, Barry Johnston, Jonathan Meese, Scott Myles, Steven Shearer and others.
In the editorial is observed that today's art world is confronted with the tyranny of communication, although in the mean time, illegible and inaccessible images in art are accepted as a matter-of-course. On request the Norwegian artist Matias Faldbakken (1973) wrote the key-note essay. Faldbakken has, in addition to his visual oeuvre, also built up a reputation as fiction writer. In his text Faldbakken expands on the status, function and position of writing in his work. Jonathan Meese contributed a manifest about the dictatorship of art. The art historian Margriet Schavemaker links texts in the work of artists Robert Smthson, Mel Bochner and Marcel Broodthaers with the theory of philopsophers Michel Foucault and Jacques Rancière. Included is also a visual text by artist/filmmaker Paul Sietsema that was originally devised as image for an exhibition space but was typographically converted as message in a bottle from an anonymous sender. A selection of James Lee Byars' unpublished letters to Wies Smals from de Appel archive gives access to his visual correspondence.
Softcover, 240 pgs, 12cm x 19cm, b&w, 2008.