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Facehug #1: Karl Holmqvist
FACEHUG is an annual art publication based in Berlin, inviting
international artists to engage in solo projects of parasitic nature.
Originially brought into use as a derivate of the nickname for the
Facehugger parasites featured in Ridley Scott's notorious
Alien series, the name has as of lately been implemented into urban
slang as a loose signifier of an intimate passage created in between
two individuals by use of their limbs to block out extraneous sources
of light. The theory of relations brings us to the parasite and vice
FACEHUG uses parasitism as a reference to the emptying and filling up
of graphic identity, which is redesigned by the artists for each
issue, and to the nature of the artistic process itself. The first
issue, a "Leporello" foldout by Karl Holmqvist delineates the
materialisation of a parasitic act as a work method based on the
principles of Brion Gysin's 'cut-up'-technique, according to which
visual elements and text have been appropriated and reassembled into a
sequential, Janus-faced structure. Image as communication vs. language
as a picture. Karl Holmqvist has been doing spoken word readings since
the early 90s and in the course of the evening, he will read excerpts
from his new poems written for FACEHUG #1.