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Graphic Magazine
Issue 22: Yale Special
GRAPHIC is a quarterly magazine published in Seoul, Korea. GRAPHIC, which was first published in January 2007, focuses its attention on the other trends of graphic design which is different from the mainstream of it and on the phenomena thereof. It has a characteristic of in-depth approach for one theme with the editorial policy of one issue-one theme.
Planned, edited & designed by graphic design department, Yale School of Art.
Ming Bai, Xavier Cerrilla, Matthew Chrislip, Inva Çota, Kate Dewitt, Golnaz Esmaili, Harry Gassel, Njoki Gitahi, Janghyun Han, Suckzoo Han, Maxime Harvey, Kristian Henson, Tiff Hockin, Eric Hu, Azusa Kobayashi, Jen Lee, Weiyi Li, Andrew Lister, Yen-Wei Liu, Qiuye Liu, Rob Matthews, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, Cecilie Nellemann, Julia Novitch, Daniel Pizarro, Aurora Robles, Heesun Seo, Jaewon Seok, Jessica Svendsen, Chris Svensson, Stefan Thorsteinsson, Ghazaal Vojdani, Ryan Weafer, Jeseok Yi, Jack Balkin, James Berger, Julian Bittiner, Karla Britton, Craig Buckley, Francesco Casetti, Gregory Crewdson, Glen Cummings, Sheila Levrant De Bretteville, Keller Easterling, Paul Elliman, Michael Faison, Peter Halley, Roni Horn, Matthew Jacobson, Wayne Koestenbaum, Karel Martens, Dan Michaelson, Sigi Moeslinger, Alexander Nemerov, Margaret Olin, Sarah Oppenheimer, Mark Owens, Kevin Repp, Michael Rock, Elihu Rubin, Julika Rudelius, Holly Rushmaier, Susan Sellers, Rob Storr, Masamichi Udagawa, Daniel Van Der Velden, Linda Van Deursen, Lyneise Williams, Yale Gdmfa ’11, and Timothy Young.


Graphic Magazine
Issue 20: The Poster Issue
Each graphic designer and artist designed a poster that expresses personal social agenda. This project reviews the social function of posters. This issue of GRAPHIC consists of 22 folded posters and designers' short commentaries.
Mass-produced and posted in public places, posters communicate with the public. Traditionally, they have represented a powerful means of expressing certain values or opinions, but the posters of today are relatively restricted in function, serving for the most part to advertise products, promote sales and publicize events. We are hard pressed to find any kind of social statement in the posters that cover our roadside bulletin boards, buildings, billboards and road signs. In reaction to this, our aim here is to recall the social purpose of the poster.
GRAPHIC asked 22 graphic designers and artists to develop poster designs to express their own social “agenda.” The posters you see in this issue are the fruits of this voluntary collaboration, containing a diverse array of ideas ranging from positions on particular social issues to the mottos that inform the designers’ work. While differing a bit in their focus, all of them share one common quality, namely a message that powerfully captures not an economic interest, but the values that they wish to share with the public.
We have printed about one hundred thousand copies of these posters in total. In addition to appearing on the pages of this issue, they are to be put up in exhibition venues, on roadside walls, and on the windows of shops and bookstores. We hope all of you reading will hang a poster you like in your own workspace. Offer them as gifts to friends. It is this kind of physical action that most clearly shows the social function of the poster.
The year 2011 was an eventful one for the world, including Korea, the Middle East, Europe, the United States and Japan. Posters are something we need more of.
åbäke, Alex DeArmond, Anthony Burrill, Bart de Baets & Sandra Kassenaar, Bureau Mirko Borsche, Experimental Jetset, Jin Dallae & Park Woohyuk, Jin Jung, Kimm Kijo, Lawrence Weiner, Mark Owens, Metahaven, Moon Seungyoung, Paul Elliman, Paul Sahre, Pierre Bernard, Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries, Rumors, Scott King, Sulki & Min, Sung JaeHyouk, and workroom press. Highly recommended!


Graphic Magazine
Issue 19: What a Beautiful Book Is: Best Books Competition Issue

GRAPHIC is a quarterly magazine published in Seoul, Korea. GRAPHIC, which was first published in January 2007, focuses its attention on the other trends of graphic design which is different from the mainstream of it and on the phenomena thereof. It has a characteristic of in-depth approach for one theme with the editorial policy of one issue-one theme.
Issue 19 focues on: What does a beautiful book mean in this contemporary era? This issue of GRAPHIC features the best book competitions mostly in Europe. Through the interviews with the members of committee/jury and the designers' comments on the winning books, this issue is looking for the meaning of beautiful book.
Contributors: Anisha Imhasly, Arina Stoenescu, Cornel Windlin, Etienne Robial, Greger Bergvall, Julia Blume, Julien Magnani, Just Enschedé, Konstanze Berner, Lim Kyungyong, Pierre Huyghebaert, Uta Schneider, and Vanessa van Dam.
Graphic Magazine
Issue 18: Workshop
This issue brings together 16 workshops on graphic design. It revisits these workshops which have been held around the world for the last two years, and provides the details and energies of such graphic design education that takes place outside the regular curriculum.
Contributors: åbäke, Charlotte Cheetham, Daijiro Mizuno & Yuma Harada, Lovis Caputo, David Reinfurt, Fraser Muggeridge, Guy Meldem, David Keshavjee & Julien Tavelli, Julia Born, James Goggin, Min Choi, Nicolas Bourquin & Thibaud Tissot, Our polite society, Radim Peško, Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Temp & Tankboys, Urs Lehni, and Uta Eisenreich & Saskia Janssen.
Graphic Magazine
Issue 17: When Design Becomes Attitude
This issue deals with graphic designers' practices expanding the boundaries of graphic design. Based on works of 10 teams, it reveals how designers' attitudes transform design. With contibutions from: Conditional Design, Corner College, Dexter Sinister (Stuart Bailey), Emily Pethick, FF, IFS, Jesko Fezer, Matthias Görlich, Kit-Toast, Metahaven, and Parallel School.
Graphic Magazine
Issue 16: Typefaces Archive
This type archive issue exhibits a wide spectrum of 48 typefaces that reflect current flows of typeface design, which again reflect today's graphic design. This issue is composed of two books and a booklet; a type specimen of 48 typefaces, a book of designers' interview on their typeface, and a supplementary booklet for a typeface Lÿon designed by Karl Nawrot & Radim Pesko.
Graphic Magazine
Issue 15: Printing Journal

Printing makes graphic design born physically. This "Printing" issue reviews contemporary printing culture from the viewpoint of graphic design. We visited four noteworthy printers in The Netherlands each of whom represent the current culture in printing. We also visited the studio of Karel Martens (Dutch graphic designer) who is well known for having fully-embraced printing into his design process. Graphic designers such as Harmen Liemburg, Hans Gremmen, The Uses of Literacy were invited to show their own "Printing Work". With contributions from: Anu Vahtra, Calff & Meischke Drukkerij, Extrapool (Knust), Veenman Drukkers, Wyber Zeefdruk, Hans Gremmen, Harmen Liemburg, The Uses of Literacy, Karel Martens, Kees Maas, and Richard Niessen.
Graphic Magazine
Issue 14: Work and Run
30 young small graphic design studios participated in this issue showing their work, talking about running the studio. You can find 23 studios from around the world such as Switzerland, United States, The Netherlands, Germany, England, Belgium, Canada, as well as 7 studios from South Korea. By looking into how these small studios "work & run", we want to find what the young designers are pursuing in the reality of today's graphic design. Featuring Adriaan Mellegers Graphic Design (NL), Alexander Shoukas (NL), Bendita Gloria (ES), Brusatto (BE), Ctrl C (DE), Fogelson-Lubliner (US), Geoff Han (US), Gloor & Jandl (CH), Hammer (CH), The International Typographical Union (HR & US), Joris Kritis & Julie Peeters, Benelux, Julian Bittiner (US), Konst & Teknik (SE), Marco Muller (CH), Min Oh (NL), OFFICEABC (FR), OK-RM (UK), Pirol (CH), Sam de Groot (NL), Studio Reizundrisiko (CH), Way Shape Form (CA), We Have Photoshop (US), Working Format (CA), GT (KR), HEY JOE (KR), Mr.Jones Association (KR), ordinary people (KR), Salon (KR), Stero-Type (KR), and TW (KR).
Graphic Magazine
Issue 12: Manystuff Special
Collaborating with *Manystuff, this issue inquires into how this online space has become networking platform to share and spread out the language of contemporary graphic design scene. November 2009.
Graphic Magazine
Issue 11: Ideas of Design Exhibition
Graphic Magazine
Issue 10: Self-Publishing

These are the stories about people who make it happen as an individual or small group in full process from the contents to the distribution on the opposite side of economic efficient publishing system. May 2009.
Graphic Magazine
Issue 9: Werkplaats Typographie
This collaboration issue with Netherlands design school, WERKPLAATS TYPOGRAFIE celebrates the 10th anniversary of the school. The essays of tutors in Netherland design school 'WERKPLAATS TYPOGRAFIE' are included. The working images of the school and the interviews with the school members are also integrated. February, 2009.