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Wade Guyton
Drawings for a Big Picture and Drawings for a Small Room

What appears to be just a stack of pictures haphazardly laying on a kitchen floor turns into what Wade Guyton refers to as “vitrines”. Guyton creates graphics on Microsoft Word and then, using an ordinary laser-jet printer, prints his drawings onto torn out pages from art books, lifestyle journals, and other found papers. The work is then photographed on his Bowery studio’s kitchen floor, an practice born out from Guyton’s laying works in progress on said surface to further examine them. 
Much like a flip-book or an onion, Drawings for A Big Picture and Drawings for A Small Room (two books shown below) witnesses the documentation of these steadily evolving stacks of drawings. As you turn each page, a new layer, therefore a new drawing stacked on top of the one before, is revealed. A Big Picture depicts drawings upon his blue kitchen floor; for the second series, A Big Room, Guyton installed a layer of red tile directly over the blue, in order to see the effect of a new color against this new set of drawings…
The whole project is also chronicled in a book produced by Secession, available here!


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