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Kaugummi Magazine
Issue 7

March 2010. Kaugummi's last issue ever. This issue only focusing on drawings has been published in conjunction with the Kaugummi exhibtion held at L'amicale Gallery in Brussels. Featuring Julien Langendorff, José Maria Gonzalez, Félicia Atkinson, Paul Cox, Marine Pagès, Misaki Kawai, and Megan Whitmarsh.

Kaugummi Magazine
Issue 6

September 2009. Special drawing issue focusing on the concept of noise and silence. Featuring José Maria Gonzalez, Rasmus Svensson, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Edouard Baribeaud, Josh Slater, Misaki Kawai, Shoboshobo, Ann Guillaume & Leylagoor, Andreas Banderas, Emmanuelle Pidoux, Matt Lock, Julien Langendorff, and Ben Schumacher.


Kaugummi Magazine
Book-format graphic magazine from France edited by Bartolome Sanson, featuring Matt Lock, Amandine Meyer, Jonas Delaborde, Anne Van der Linden, Kerozen, Albert Foolmoon, Gabriel Hernandez, Jose Maria Gonzalez, Sekitani, Jaaskko Pallasvuo, Daisuke Ichiba, Hendrik Hegray, Jean Kristau, Andy Bolus, Charlie Lenoir, Kikifruit, Hector de la Vallee, Kapreles, Brent Wadden.
First edition of 100 copies, December 2007, 178 pages, black and white with color softcover.