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Aleksandra Mir & John Kelsey, eds.
Corporate Mentality
From 1995 to 2001, Aleksandra Mir amassed an amazing archive of artists’ work that infiltrated corporate advertisements with real art in all its subversive, complex and ambiguous glory. Calling for a reassessment of the function of art in late-capitalist society, Corporate Mentality focuses on the complex and ambiguous ways artistic production inhabits corporate processes, abandoning the autonomy of the artwork, in order to elaborate resistant approaches to a world increasingly determined by commercial strategies and market concerns. Mir’s brilliant and humorous selection presents a diverse spectrum of artists who take on product advertisement as site, material and subject. Artists featured include Purple Institute, Andrea Zittel, Superflex, Liam Gillick/Carey Young and Atelier Van Lieshout.
Softcover, 9" x 12", 256 pages, 250 color reproductions, 2003.