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Mousse Magazine
Issue 22

Dreamy Italian art magazine...in this issue:
Bringing It To The Table / Alex Hubbard, by Anthony Huberman
Out To Lunch With Isa Genzken by Simon Denny
Portfolio / Manuel Graf, by Kirsty Bell
Lost And Found / Guy de Cointet, by Matthew Brannon
Through A Door Named Aesthetics..., by Stefan Heidenreich
Dog Ear Poems / New York / Erica Baum, by Cecilia Alemani
We Like To Move It, Move It / Los Angeles / Kelly Nipper, by Jens Hoffmann
Pure Energy, Deep Poetry / Ida Ekblad, by Gigiotto Del Vecchio
Raising the Phantoms of Empire Post-Colonial Discourse in Recent Artists’ Films, by Katerina Gregos