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North Drive Press
Issue 5

North Drive Press is an artist-produced annual non-thematic art publication, originally conceived as a mobile group exhibition. Each issue contains interviews, texts, and multiples from contemporary artists.

Features art multiples by: Becca Albee, B'L'ing, Lutz Bacher, Bianca Beck, Joe Bradley, Josh Brand, Kerstin Brätsch, Morgan Fisher, Karl Haendel, Tamar Halpern, Nate Hylden, Kim Krans
Andrew Kuo, Lily Ludlow, Mended Veil, Olivier Mosset, Arthur Ou, Nick Relph, Jacob Robichaux, Aura Rosenberg, Aurel Schmidt, Josh Shaddock, Nick Stillman, Lisa Tan, & B. Wurtz.

Interviews with: B'L'ing & UbuWeb; Fia Backström & Joseph Logan; Andreas Bunte & Kathrin Meyer; Ann Craven & Amy Granat; Trinie Dalton & Francine Spiegel; Roe Ethridge & Fia Backström; Eve Fowler & A.L. Steiner; Luke Fowler & Matt Wolf; Martha Friedman & Heather Rowe; Georg Gatsas & Norbert Möslang; Sam Gordon & B. Wurtz; Matt Hoyt & Jay Sanders; Melissa Ip & Cary Kwok; Clifford Owens & Christopher Y. Lew.

Corrugated cardboard box containing art multiples and loose-leaf interviews, edition of 500, compiled by Matt Keegan and Sadie Laska, 2010.


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