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Laura Owens
Clocks presens the complete collection of Laura Owens' clock paintings in scaled-down reproductions. As the title suggests, many of the canvases are outfitted with moving clock hands; raised lines that move and cast their shadows as they go. Are these in fact clocks - that is, functional objects - and not paintings at all? And if they are, where are the numbers? There are numbers to be found, but they are tumbling across another painting's surface, or used as place holders for eyes on a sketched-out face. Some clocks seem to dissolve into painterly gestures as the paintings make their way through such diverse styles as pattern and decoration, op art, abstract expressionism and geometric formalism. As a whole, the clocks suggest an impatience and unwillingness to settle or be still that allegorizes the dynamic, irreverent, and apparently impulsive nature of Owens' imagery. This publication pictures both the front and the back of each canvas on the front and reverse of each page, respectively; thereby transforming the unique "don't touch" quality of the canvases into a tactile and leisurely browse. This gratifying experience in book format suits the mix of ambivalence and accomodation that characterizes Owens' work.