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Paper Monument
Issue Three
Contributions by: Timothy Aubry, Sarah Hromack, Roger White, Jessica Slaven, Dushko Petrovich, Jason Murison, Christopher Hsu, Lauren O’Neill-Butler, Naomi Fry, Claire Jarvis, James Bae. Portfolios by: Matthew Brannon, Munro Galloway, Leslie Hewitt, Jessie LeBaron.

Paper Monument
Issue 2
Contributions by: Sidney Falco, Christopher Hsu, Jessica Slaven, Jen Schwarting, Keith Gessen, Naomi Fry, Mark Greif, David Giles, Andrew Berardini, Loretta Staples, Gregory Warner. Portfolios by: Kerstin Brätsch, James Howard, Alex Klein, Noah Sheldon.

Paper Monument
Issue 1
Debut issue of contemporary art journal from NY. Features contributions by: Christopher Hsu, Dushko Petrovich, Katie Sonnenborn, Jason Murison, James Bae, Megan Heuer, Naomi Fry, Brian Sholis, and more.