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Charmant & Courtois
Pure Jaquette
Composed of Alex Blouin, Alexis Coutu-Marion, Mathieu Dionne, Gabrielle Lamontagne, Sylvain Martet and Florian Pétigny, Charmant & Courtois is a workshop for visual experimentation Montreal that offers expertise in art direction, graphic design and content writing partner. The workshop also offers a printing service limited edition silkscreen and Risograph.
Activities Charmant & Courtois focus on publishing, dissemination and promotion of arts and culture. Charmant & Courtois works closely with entrepreneurs, artists, broadcasters and designers open to experimentation in the process of visual communication. Desire to innovate while respecting the traditions of the profession is central to the vision of the group. The workshop wants to keep control and moral integrity of his work, from design to production, with a view to guarantee an original and thoughtful.

"Pure Jaquette" is a zine conceived and produced for Publie/Autopublie exhibition's By The Book at Art Pop Montreal. Again, the colorfull collectif of Charmant & Courtois Montreal base are behind this zine. Several different silkscreened dust jackets surround this small hardcover zine.