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R.H. Quaytman
Spine resembles a catalogue raisonné of R. H. Quaytman’s work produced since 2001, the year the artist began organizing paintings in what are called “Chapters.” Quaytman paints on easel-size plywood panels, which are then silkscreened with photos or other images derived from historical, personal or scientific sources. Germany’s Neuberger Museum brings together all 20 Chapters for the first time, ending with Spine, the latest series. Conceived and written by the New York-based artist, the book is more than 400-pages long and presents a full decade of work, from “The Sun, Chapter 1” to “Spine, Chapter 20,” the latest series which revisits motifs elaborated in the preceding nineteen chapters. A text articulating the artist’s systematic pictorial practice, executed on Golden Section wood panels, is printed on the book’s unfolding dust jacket.
Hardcover, with dust jacket, 6 x 9 5/8 in, 416pgs, 380 color, 2011.