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Nick Relph
Vestiarium Scoticum

The original Vestiarium Scoticum was published by the Stuart brothers in 1842 which claimed a connection between the tartans and family clans. The tartans were taken from a document dating back to 1721 which itself was a copy of an original manuscript from the 16th century. The brothers’ claims were later found out to be completely false; they had in fact designed many of the patterns themselves, which by then were claimed as authentic by manufacturers and families alike. The collection of Scottish tartans in this book by artist Nick Relph (OG Ooga homie from day uno) was taken from a Wikipedia article posted by an anonymous author under the name Celtus in 2007. Printed on Risograph, this edition supplements CMYK with Red, Green, Blue, the components of the additive color model, the partitive mixing of the computer screen and the dominant colors of the tartans. Published by KLTB in an edition 500. Available with a Red, Green, or Blue cover! Make your choice below.
Cover Color