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Secretary Press
Writing as Practice: Peripheral Continuity

Writing as Practice: Peripheral Continuity is a collection of edited transcripts and afterthoughts from a symposium on writing and imagery. Participants include Moyra Davey, Pradeep Dalal, David Deitcher, Andrea Geyer, Zoe Leonard, Carlos Motta, Lynne Tillman, Anne Turyn and Ethan Swan and a foreword written by Nayland Blake.
Held on December 17th 2011 at The International Center of Photography, the symposium Writing as Practice: Peripheral Continuity brought together a group of writers, visual artists and curators who were investigating the role and use of the written word in their prospective artistic practices.
The conversations embarked on a contemporary dialogue around the decentering of linguistics, and development around new ideas in artistic practices and narrative writing as a convergence and/or partnership.


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