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Wouldn't It Be Nice: Wishful Thinking in Art and Design
Writing about the New York-based design/publishing collective Dexter Sinister, Anthony Huberman once contextualized their practice as part of a "...contemporary condition of multiplicity, for a present moment that finds itself overcrowded with so many identities, markets, information and tasks that the only solution is to juggle many of them at once and slash them together." Wouldn't It Be Nice presents a series of specially commissioned projects between contemporary artists and designers who are thriving in the "slashed together" world Huberman describes. A well-considered limited edition volume, it includes interviews with such prescient practitioners as Dexter Sinister, Bless, Alicia Framis, Martino Gamper, Ryan Gander, Martí Guixé, Tobias Rehberger and Superflex, with an essay by design historian Emily King. This highly collectable Graphic Thought Facility-designed publication includes a self-adhesive purse/multiple by Bless.
Softcover, 300 pages, 120 color illus., includes a mini-purse, 9.25" x 11.75", Switzerland, 2008.