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Chalk Circle
Reflection LP
Reflection is a retrospective album by the legendary Washington, DC punk band Chalk Circle. Spanning 1981-1983, the LP includes twelve songs from out-of-print compilations, live shows, and unreleased demos. The LP, due out early 2011, comes with a booklet of photos, press clippings.

From Don Fleming's liner notes:
The story of Chalk Circle begins with the vital music scene that developed in and around Washington, DC in the late 1970s and early 1980s...Chalk Circle burst through DC’s musical and gender barriers in ways that they didn’t explicitly set out to, and in doing so they inspired and influenced all the diverse and varied musicians that they befriended. Finally brought together as one album, these songs are simultaneously thoughtful and joyful, their sound splendid and distinctive, and still great to dance to!