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Arthur Russell and the Flying Hearts featuring Allen Ginsberg
Ballad of the Lights 10"
Arthur Russell and Allen Ginsberg first met in the early ‘70s in San Francisco through mutual interests in music, poetry and Buddhism. Drawn to each other’s creative energy, Russell would soon start to provide Ginsberg with musical backing during his poetry readings. And in the summer of 1971, “Pacific High Studio Mantras” was recorded as a track to be included in Ginsberg’s Blake album. Ginsberg’s confident and enlightening voice singing the Tibetan mantra accompanied by Russell’s rich cello unison underlining, can be considered one of the best in the early collaborations between the two. “Ballad of the Lights” was recorded in NYC in 1977 with Russell’s band, The Flying Hearts, and Ginsberg participating in voice.
“Floating above a backdrop of gentle, almost melancholy guitar pop that was inspired by the simple drumming of Fleetwood Mac and the melodic lines of Abba, Arthur’s lyrics were tender and simple yet also enigmatic and sophisticated.”—Hold on to Your Dreams.
Limited edition of 1,000 copies packaged in beautiful letterpress jackets. 10-inch vinyl record.