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Christine Shields
In the Sun LP

PHIL FRANKLIN (SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN) nailed it when he referred to In The Sun, CHRISTINE SHIELDS first solo LP, as “ten songs of dark and light.” The album is very much about opposites, the sun and  moon, descent into darkness and return to light. Instrumentation includes guitar, banjo, baritone uke, and voice, with percussion by WILLIAM WINANT, guitar JOE GOLDRING (ENABLERS, TOUCHED BY A JANITOR, SWANS), soundscapes by SHEILA BOSCO (FAUN FABLES, AUTOBODY), and drums and production by TIM MOONEY (AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB). Shields musical pedigree includes ARCHIPELAGO BREWING COMPANY, GROUSE MOUNTAIN SKYRIDE, SHADY CREEK GRILS, and STEEPLE CHASE, but one could hardly be blamed if none of the above ring a bell. ABC released a CD on Brinkiman in the 90s, and Grouse Mountain Skyride contributed a track to a Kill Rock Stars Comp, but Shields is perhaps best known for her portraits of musicians, short-lived comic book Blue Hole and dark and humorous, Addams-meets-Gorey illustration work for countless small-press publications and zines. Her music, like her images, is dreamy, dark, melodic, harmonious, and high-lonesome. (That old-time influence has its hooks in her good.) If you want to make her day, compare her to Opal. You wouldnt be far off the mark.
Released on Chris Johanson's label, Awesome Vistas.

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